Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dirty Dirty Words

I often think about words that make me inwardly cringe, (sometimes outwardly). These are words I'm faced with EVERY SINGLE DAY when writing the genre I'm stuck in currently. It really puts a damper in my writings as of late. I sit here and think, and think, and give up, having not thought of a better word to use. Let's get to the point.
Romance/Romantic- Hate it. Possibly because people have made it into a creepy word, with mushy feelings and all that junk. :)
Erotic/Erotica- Somehow these two turned into 'dirty' words, and when people hear them, their minds automatically go crazy wanton. These definitions really aren't taboo.
Wanton^ - I just hate it.
Penis- Just personal preference; I'm partial to cock.
Moist- That's reserved for baked goods. Reserve it for baked goods, people.
These next ones are if you read Erotica/Romance, sometimes they replace other 'colorful' words you could use.
Sex- and it's referring to a specific body part. What? . . . Just what? Might as well use vagina.
Heat- and it's replacing the name of a specific body part. Again, no. Coulda used vagina.
Vagina- Yeeeeaaah, about that. What are you gonna call it though, right? I stick with the P word, which also seems wrong, given a pussy is a cat. I just try not to remember the literal definition when reading it.
Sensual- ... sensual
There are more. Tell me more

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