Monday, October 6, 2014


Destructive Gods (A Luxe Novel) is a contemporary erotic romance and will be published by mid-November. Very soon I will update where you can purchase said novel. In the meantime, here is the synopsis and a small excerpt. This isn't a paranormal read; the use of 'Gods' is a colloquialism strictly pertaining to physical attribute.

What happens when you put two beautiful people together and their godly like persona is nothing like their id? 
Opting for reclusiveness has left Her inexperienced in love. . . and sex . . . and friendship . . . and, you get it. She wasn’t born with the fear to exploit life; thank the abandonment of Her mother at a young age for that. Especially because it's left Her with self-destructive torments. 
She has a lot to discover, and so does He for that matter. 
The sociable business owner never intended on meeting the girl He considers a Goddess, but their paths cross and He gets hooked, but He’s not willing to lose everything; like His self-destructing girlfriend.
His life has an already content paved out future with another woman, and Her life is safer on the recluse side with another man. Neither are ready when their infidelity goes beyond sexual release. She will start deconstructing Her placid life because of Him, and He will begin to rebuild His opulent life around Her. Their lives become quite the affair. . . . Literally.

Ian Jacks and Lilith Tudor are too smart and beautiful to be so unhinged, and how long can they keep their immoral secrets?

This work of fiction is intended for a mature audience only. Do not purchase if descriptive sexual situations, violence, drugs, homosexuality, and explicit language offends you. 

Her eyes glanced toward the body of the voice, and in that glance something exploded inside, making her eyes widen to impossible saucers. One look at the godly man got her blood boiling. Something that had never happened to her. Never had she been face to face with a man that could make her feel like her insides melted. 
Unable to censor her drunken thoughts, she murmured, “Oh my.”
  “That’s what I was thinking,” he spoke quietly, and his dry mouth attempted to swallow while his eyes glazed from the Goddess before him. 
Slowly, she brought her left leg over her right to squeeze the tension throbbing at the juncture of her thighs. He attempted to look away, physically having to turn his body, but the magnetism was too strong. 
  “Sh**,” the stranger breathed.

There you have it. Stay tuned for release dates. Check back with me in November.

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